Features "Our I-9Automation is an E-Verify Designated Agents, released for our clients is totally an Electronic I-9 solution can be hosted as SaaS (Software As A Service) with SSN Encryption/Decryption using AES256-bit technology, able to submit in real time for new verified E-Verify case(s) to the DHS(Department of Homeland Security) as well as SSA(Social Security Administration) servers".

The Solutions offers employment eligibility verification features to your program, such as: I-9 entry, verification integrated with E-Verify that designating the process of submitting employee data to E-Verify, duplication alerts, Tentative non-confirmation, Employment Authorized, expiration notices, printable PDFs and many other features not found in paper based and E-verify systems.

Online Process: I-9 Automation is a dual based product, which we have in SAP as well as non-SAP. In non-SAP, Two Web sites are available to complete and manage electronic I-9s. Based on the employer's hiring process, one or both sites can be used to automate the I-9 process. The Employee Web Site allows employees to complete Section 1, Section 2 of their I-9 on or before the first day of work. The I-9 is stored in our database with all security for your inputs by using Encrypting and decrypting.

The Employer Web Site is used by the employer's authorized users to Verify I-9's; reverify I-9's, view and print I-9s for internal and external access reports. The employer can automate the administration of the service through file transfers and/or use the online administration features.

Features :
Instant Results – with E - Verify submission that automatically sends all completed I-9 forms to E-Verify, Employment eligibility results for most employees are displayed in five to ten seconds.
Photo Matching – I-9Automation features a photo matching tool to combat document fraud and ensure the documents that employees present are genuine.
Employer Access Flexibility – I-9Automation provides dashboard for the Employer that simplifies workflow access to daily to-dos to view the cases, run the cases and search the Employees.
Usage Reports– I-9Automation offers companies the ability to monitor usage to assist with their compliance efforts to print a PDF.
Interactive Training – I-9Automation offers a comprehensive online help file to assist users.
Customer service– You're never on your own with I-9Automation. I-9Automation customer support is available to provide you with technical and program assistance.
Security and Privacy - Maximizes Security and privacy by encrypting and storing Form I-9 data in a physically separate database for each customer and requiring complex passwords, Social security numbers (SSN), company tax id.
Prevents Over-Documentation in Section 2 by automatically showing only the ID documents applicable to selected status.